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Updated 8/5/17
Almost There... The new album entitled "Triumph" is soooooo close to being done! There are just a few songs left to mix. In the mean time here's a new home rehearsal video to waste your time with... Today's Rehearsal: A Hard Man
Drums and Tuba New Year's show!!!!! I'm flying Tony Nozero up to New York City from New Orleans so we can play a show together at Pianos on New Year's Eve at 7pm. My favorite band out there right now (to see live) is playing at 9pm and they're called Paris Monster. The show will get done at a super reasonable hour so you can get to whatever crazy New Year's celebrations you have planned! Pianos New Year's link
Video for Animales Ambientales (8/5/16) I have completed a music video I threw together of a track entitled "Oso" from my new album entitled "Animales Ambientales." Now some of you might wonder (though most of you will probably not) whether this is, in fact, the album I have been working on for the last couple of years with my friend Goat in New Orleans. The answer to that question is that it most emphatically is not that album. I got tired of waiting for Goat's schedule to open up so I decided to go ahead and record another album in the mean time (another way of seeing this reality is that perhaps instead of Goat's schedule being to blame, the album is actually taking so long because I don't want to run out of excuses to visit New Orleans. This second version might explain why every recording on the album seems to be approaching 70 to 100 tracks. Kinda strange for a solo tuba album). I love Aphex Twin's Ambient works albums and so Animales Ambientales is my tuba tribute to those records. I wanted to record some mood music without so many parts (I tend to be rather party). Oso is the 5th and last track on the album (each track is pretty long). The video for Oso is some live stuff I shot of my friends from the band Schlaasss playing a show at Le Tetris in Le Havre, France (thank you to my brother from another mother Mika Pusse and to Chichi Beignet. I apologize if you had rather I didn't use this footage but as they say in the biz...Suck it!). If you like this recording you can go ahead and meander your way towards the music page where you can download the album. It's pay whatever you want which you can do through paypal at the website or at Bandcamp when you do the downloading. Here's the link to watch the video. I'm pretty happy with it... Oso youtube Video
Animales Ambientales (8/5/16) So there's good Wolff news and bad Wolff news. The good news is that there's a new album ready entitled "Animales Ambientales." It is sort of a tribute album to the Aphex Twin Ambient works albums. The bad news of course is that this is not the album that Wolff has been working on with Goat the past couple years. Due to Goat's insane schedule and Wolff's desire to maintain an excuse for visiting New Orleans and both gentleman's inability to keep the song tracks to under 75, that album is stretching out forever. Instead of finishing Wolff just decided to start a project he's been planning for a while of doing more mellow music (or at least what Wolff considers more mellow). The album will soon be available in your various online medium but for now you can only get it by following the link on the music page to
Latest News 7/25/16 Steve Garofano is going to be in town next week so we're doing a show together at Pianos on Tuesday August 2nd at 11pm for free. It'll be a relatively short set as the neighbors don't appreciate the late night music so come on time. Should be fun. The music archive page is filling up (you have to follow the links to bandcamp). Most of the Drums and Tuba back catalogue is there now. Everything is free which an option to donate if you're so inclined. There will be a new Wolff and Tuba album completed soon. It's not the big one Wolff has been doing with Goat so don't get too excited. That's taking a while mostly due to Maceo Parker's insane tour schedule (Goat does sound for him). It's going to be an album inspired by the Aphex Twin Ambient works recordings. Wolff wanted to do some more relaxing music (relatively speaking). It should be done and up in the next couple weeks...
Latest News Just got back from a wonderful show in Jacksonville and hanging with the illustrious Snake. He gave me my first surfing lesson and it wasn't an absolute disaster. In other news there's a late night show this Wednesday at Pianos. And lastly, the ongoing saga of recording the next album continues. My man Goat is very elusive so I'm not entirely sure when it'll get finished but there's definitely a lot of songs and a whole ton of tracks...
NBA Blog So I decided that my NBA writings were getting out of control (I seem to be opening a floodgate of verbiage) so I've separated them from the scrapbook page. The Scrapbook page will now be reserved for non-basketball related rants. click here to read the latest NBA related blogs or just click the link at the top of the page
Triumph! For Real Recording has finally begun on the next real album. Wolff is recording it down in New Orleans with the illustrious Goat. It's going to take another trip in June to finish the tracking and then probably another trip down there to mix. Mixing will take a while as so far each song has a lot of freaking tracks. Hopefully it'll all get wrapped up by the fall some time...
The Music Page: Archives and New Stuff The music page is done! You can now check out specific records and download anything you want. It's basically free with an optional donation button. It's a paypal donation button but I'm pretty sure you don't even have to have a paypal account to donate. Just a credit card. Click on that thing if you feel like it. The entire Wolff and Tuba catalogue is currently up. You have the option to stream the songs or download the mp3's to your computer (sorry about the mp3 thing but this would have been much more difficult with AIFF files or WAV files). There are also some liner notes for every album which I'm sure Wolff will add to periodically. Wolff is in the process of recording right now and an album of new stuff entitled "Triumph" is now up at the music page. Wolff will be adding more songs as they're completed. This first batch of new songs will be solo tuba. Wolff is recording and mixing them himself and is very excited about how they're sounding. Eventually there might be other versions of the new stuff with live drums produced and mixed by other people. We shall see. Apparently Wolff has accepted the signs of the times and has given up on the traditional album concept for now. In addition to all this Wolff and Tuba stuff the entire Drums and Tuba catalogue is now available. There are many albums up of stuff that was never released both old and new. We are particularly excited about these never before heard recordings finally seeing the light of day (Or in this case more like the light of a dusk which represents the last lingering 2 or 3 people who still care about Drums and Tuba! I must admit that in compiling stuff and looking for artwork I did notice that Drums and Tuba posters sell on ebay for like ten to twenty dollars. Holy crap. And it wasn't just one listing. Do people really buy that stuff? I've got stacks left over somewhere...). So go check out the music and spread the word... click here for to be redirected to the music page if you are too lazy to find the link on the navigation bar above
New Videos There are new videos up. They are of a solo Tuba nature harking back to the old "A Boy and His Tuba" series. The New video series is entitled "Wolff 2.0" referencing Wolff's switch from an analogue to a digital setup. Wolff will be cranking these out regularly.
Wolff and Tuba with the Blue Man Group at the Hollywood Bowl This show was such an inspiring experience for Wolff. Thanks to all the Blue fellas and the crew and the band and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and Todd for making it happen. Stories and pictures from the show are beginning to crop up on the scrapbook page...
Music Wolff has decided to put up the entire archive of released and unreleased Drums and Tuba music here at the website. In addition all the Wolff and Tuba music is now up at the website as well. You can stream any song instantly (once all bugs are tweaked) or download directly to your computer. Take what you want and pay what you want. New songs (and I suppose albums although there may be no more need for those) will hopefully start appearing throughout the fall. New studio material is long overdue. There's a link at the top of the page for donations. Pay whatever you consider fair.
Device The website should now be device friendly. If you're having trouble viewing stuff on your iphone or ipad or other sundry device please write to and the powers that be will attempt to address the various problems that may arise...
Riminy Cricket Our good friend Snake (aka Tony Pratt) has made a wonderful video for one of the outtakes from the album "Take A Deep Breath." Click the link and check it out.... click here for video
Wow A young fan approached Wolff after a show opening for Buckethead and said, "Wow, you look way older in person!"
Drums and Tuba Someone recently tried to hijack the Drums and Tuba website. As far as we can tell their concept must have been to receive a big payday squatting on the url. Well, obviously they were sorely mistaken with this particular criminal enterprise. You win some and you lose some. Consequently the Drums and Tuba website now directs you to the Wolff and Tuba website.
Wolff and Tuba Due to the proliferation of Wolff bands and of a Brian Wolff band from upstate New York somewhere, Wolff has decided to refer to itself as "Wolff and Tuba". This will eliminate some confusion (if not all).
Tuba Television Steve and Wolff are hard at work on the ongoing youtube series entitled TTV (Tuba TV): The Search for the World's Smallest Musical Niche. Episodes appear periodically so check the video page whenever you need a Wolff fix. Or go join the youtube page youtube channel
Getting into Pianos If there's ever a problem getting in to a Pianos show just cut the line and tell the big guys at the door that you're there for the Wolff and Tuba show...
Number One Fan Just shout out to my main man Snake for being Wolff's first fan. Way back when Wolff was playing Wednesdays upstairs at Pianos pre drums and Snake used to be the food runner. There was never anyone to order food at the upstairs shows (due to there not really being any customers up there) but occasionally a staff member would order food and snake would stick around for a minute or two until he headed back downstairs to where the actual customers were. Oh and a big thank you to Snake for designing the Wolff logo!